What’s Happening in the World of Digital Currency and Blockchain 7.23.17

The upcoming Bitcoin split. Ethereum developers are where it’s at.  An ethereum primer.  The problems with scaling Ethereum.  Anonymous cryptocurrency discussion.  Did the ICO market reach its tipping point?  Experiment in cryptocurrency.  An application for blockchain in music.  One of the newly minted Bitcoin millionaires.  An ethereum primer.  The importance of digital currency, ICOs, and blockchain.  Barron’s guide to investing in Bitcoin.  The security behind Zcash (old but relevant).  Another user for blockchain technology.  Interview with one of the founders of Tezos.  Cryptocurrency market capitalizations.  Bitcoin cash is here.  OpenBazaar - a Bitcoin marketplace.  Interesting article on cryptoeconomics.  Over-tokenization.

Author: Jon

Digital currency and blockchain enthusiast.

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