$11K and a Correction

Bitcoin hits $11K, and then a correction.  The Winklevi become the first Bitcoin billionaires.  Here’s a podcast they were on earlier this year.  Nobel Economic Laureates don’t like Bitcoin, and think it should be outlawed.  Bitcoin bubble makes dot-com bubble look rational, and Bitcoin is too big to be a bubble.  I knew it was too good to be true.  NASDAQ is adding Bitcoin futures.  Ethereum hits $500.  Understanding Ethereum smart contracts and ethereum contracts written in pyramid scheme.  Tezos is seeking help.  This is not good.  


This section is purely speculative and not advice on buying or selling digital currency.  Do not invest money in digital currency if you are not comfortable losing all of it.  Cryptocurrency arbitrage spreadsheet.  Top cryptocurrency exchanges of 2017.  Profiting from the Bitcoin bubble.

Author: Jon

Digital currency and blockchain enthusiast.

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